New publication Willem van Genk

19.11.2010 Publications

(Nederlands) Monografie over het werk van outsiderkunstenaar Willem van Genk, geschreven door Ans van Berkum.

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“Manure doesn’t exist”. Everything is material to Markus Meurer

04.05.2010 Publications

Out of Art, May 2010, pp. 24-­27 German-born Markus Meurer inherited his father’s talent for seeing a living entity in every object. ‘Manure doesn’t exist. Neither does rubbish.’ His sculptures, collages, jewellery and paintings using found objects are created by continually adding to the materials. Meurer believes that the revaluation of objects contributes to the […]

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Plokker Collection

05.01.2010 Publications

In 1996 the Stadshof collection was enriched by the gift with the only preserved Dutch collection from a psychiatric institution. It includes around 800 drawings, approximately 140 paintings with a considerable diversity of techniques, materials, subjects and forms of expression and about ten wooden sculptures.

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Hidden Worlds. Outsider Art at the Museum Dr Guislain

04.01.2007 Publications
Collecties Stichting Collectie De Stadshof, Stichting Willem van Genk, Museum Dr. Guislain.

(Nederlands) Verborgen Werelden, Outsiderkunst in het Museum Dr. Guislain.
De kunstcollecties van Museum dr. Guislain & Collectie De Stadshof

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