A rapid check based on the collection register shows that the collection consists of some 6,000 works by almost 400 artists, from all over the world. The greater part of the collection we are going to publish at this website.

Dutch drawing

As a contribution to the event 'All About Drawing' in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and 50 other Dutch art institutions, we show some 50 drawings of Dutch artists from Collection De Stadshof. Als bijdrage aan de manifestatie 'All About Drawing' in het Stedelijk Museum Schiedam en 50 andere Nederlandse kunstinstellingen, in de zomer van 2011, tonen wij 50 tekeningen van Nederlandse tekenaars uit Collectie De Stadshof. Alexandrine, Herman Bossert, Aaltje Dammer, Willem van Genk, Pieter Hagoort, Lies Hutting, Bertus Jonkers, Jan Kervezee, Jaco Kranendonk, D. Landsman, Leo Neervoort, Ank van Pagée, Hans Scholze, Josef, Selhorst, Paula Sluiter, Ulkje Sytsema, Jo Toonen, Henk Veenvliet, Martin Visser, Johannes Weissenbruch, Roy Wenzel.

Dutch Naives

Foundation De Stadshof is the legal successor of Foundation Museum for Naive Art / Stichting Museum voor Naïeve Kunst, founded in 1985. The Utrecht University Museum housed the first exhibition 'Naïeve Schilderkunst' (Naive Painting), in 1985. Museums, private collectors and artists were willing to lend, donate or bequeath works of naive art. In 1993 the foundation was lucky to receive a whole collection of 76 naive paintings at once, from building company B.A.M. Naive art, especially Dutch painting, is the core of the collection.

Masterpiece of the month

Every month one of the artworks in the De Stadshof Collection is highlighted.

Masterpiece of the month - Archive

Subcollection Eichhorn

Subcollection Eichhorn is a collection of children's and teen-ager's drawing from The Netherlands, Singapore and Canada.

Subcollection Plokker / Deelcollectie Plokker

In 1996 the Stadshof collection was enriched by the gift with the only preserved Dutch collection from the psychiatric institution "Hulp en Heil". The Plokker collection includes around 800 drawings, approximately 140 paintings with a considerable diversity of techniques, materials, subjects and forms of expression and about ten wooden sculptures. Liesbeth Reith wrote about Plokker's theory: 'Shapes, plastic expression, art? The Plokker collection.' in the publication Hidden Worlds. Outsider Art in the Museum Dr. Guislain, Ghent 2007. See: