Sensations. In-between passion and pain

02.11.2018 Exhibitions News

Everything that surrounds us tingles and shimmers. Digital screens light up. Neurons crackle under the cranium. Our senses are overwhelmed. Some people eagerly jump into this abundance of stimuli, others go under or try to find comfort in a low stimulus environment. Do we become restless or languid, do we suffer from digibesity or burnout? Today the extremes coexist: opposite the flâneur in the vibrant metropolis is a modern hermit, and bordering on the seclusion room is the roaring internet.

Sensations. In-between passion and pain picks up on the debate about the place of the individual in his raging or, on the contrary, desolate surroundings. Do we respond with boredom or irritation, are we highly sensitive or apathetic, do we look for peace and quiet or do we check off our bucket list? The exhibition explores the balance between the excess and shortage of impulses in a cultural-historical and artistic way, and researches how we feverishly try to quench our thirst for thrills, or frenetically rule them out.

Marc Lamy drawings in exhibit Sensations, Museum Dr. Guislain