Jonkers’ etchings in Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam

31.10.2016 Exhibitions News Publications

An etching plate by Bertus Jonkers of Saanen Mountain with two prints are on show in the exhibit and catalogue ‘Under the spell of Hercules Segers: Rembrandt and the Moderns’, in the Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam.

From 7 October 2016 to 8 January 2017. In collaboration with the Rijksmuseum and the Hercules Segers Foundation. The Rembrandt House focuses on Segers’s influence on Rembrandt and artists in his circle, and on the role Segers played in the development of modern and contemporary graphic artists.

Bertus Jonkers’ prints are true curiosities in the love of experimentation that they express. Jonkers used very diverse materials for his art. In a number of prints he used photographs on cardboard which he worked over with a needle and other materials. He often printed on hand-made paper with ink made from paint, butter and bronze powder. Impossible for him to print two identical impressions.

Jonkers' etching in the Rembrandthuis show

Jonkers; Saanen Mountains, c. 1979. One of Jonkers’ etchings in the Rembrandthuis show.