22.06.2011 News

Welcome to collectiedestadshof.nl
the new website of
Collection De Stadshof Foundation.

A new and enlarged website to underline the revived ambition of promoting outsider art, in the Netherlands and abroad. Since Museum De Stadshof in Zwolle had to close down in 2001, the Museum Dr Guislain in Ghent is the home base of this Stadshof art collection.

Foundation De Stadshof gives selections of its collection on loan for exhibitions elsewhere and also organises exhibitions itself. Collection De Stadshof strives for realisation of a new platform for outsider art in the Netherlands.

Outsider art to us is an umbrella term, comprising naive art, art brut, visionary art, art singulier, self-taught art, folk art, etc.


You can quest for artist names, or you can just go to Collection and click an art work. Furthermore every work of art has some tags attached, collected in the green tag cloud. By clicking you will select all the works bearing the same quality or feature. And of course you can use the browser.


Language switch at any moment, not  for the website as a whole, but per item. Texts in English and Dutch are not necessarily identical.