Anima Mundi. Exhibit in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

02.06.2018 Exhibitions News

09-06-2018 t/m 23-09-2018 On June 9th in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Anima Mundi started. In the exhibition ANIMA MUNDI, artist Hans van der Ham (Eindhoven 1960) explores our ability to animate the world around us. Who are we? What distinguishes us as living beings from dead matter? ANIMA MUNDI shows that we have always sought to push the boundaries. We seek contact with the dead, we breathe life into objects, and form relationships with artistic or artificial likenesses of ourselves. And for millennia, we have explored the possibility of living on after our bodies have expired. ANIMA MUNDI shows a diversity of artworks from the past and present in the context of ethnography, alchemy, biotechnology, anatomy and robotics.

In collaboration with Collection De Stadshof Foundation Hans van der Ham selected works out of the De Stadshof Collection by Paul Duhem, Ted Gordon, S.W. Glastra, Truus Kardol, Sai Kijima and Michel Nedjar.

Michel Nedjar; Poupée, 1979-’81, mixed media, h.66 cm.