Le surmoi est caché sous le cadavre

Saban, Ody

‘My superego is hidden under the dead body’ could mean that, to find a real and original person, you have to look further, that you have to delve into someone’s life, behind cultural exoticism. In an obsessive way Saban creates a very personal mythology, with many autobiographical reminiscenses.

Ody Saban was a lonely but imaginative child, she created a play world of her own, talking and singing to exotic objects around the house. Ody tells of this experience. ‘To me it seems that in myself, the woken dreams, spontaneous imagination, and semi-controlled hallucinations have developed rather than lessened with age. I continue to practice my childhood games almost constantly, and more intensely, but in a visual and interiorized manner.’ Ody Saban in a letter to Museum De Stadshof, archive Foundation De Stadshof Collection.