Saban, Ody

Ody Saban was born in Turkey and grew up at the coast, but soon left for Israel, New York and Paris. Influenced by her stepfather, who restored miniatures and china ware, who also was a musician and a poet, she started drawing at the age of sixteen. She was also inspired by her mother’s embroidery. From 1977 living in Paris.

She was brought up in Istanbul beside the sea by her mother and step-father, a Moslem and restorer of glass and painted miniatures, who was also an amateur musician. His artistic influence on the young Ody was profound, as were the old Turkish embroideries her mother collected to make fabric assemblages. Mother has lived in Israel and New York, but for much of her adult life has lived and worked in Paris. This rich varied cultural upbringing and experience engendered simultaneously distaste for religious and cultural dogmatism and a sensibility which embodies East and West.

Outsider Art Sourcebook, (Raw Vision) 2016, p.186 / 2009, p.136.

Ody Saban
1953 Istanbul, Turkey -