Sekulić, Sava

Sekulić: “I drew some drawings, I painted some paintings, about five thousand of them, and that’s what I’m still doing. I paint and write the things that nature gives me and orders me to, and not something that someone would want to tell …. ”
(Belgrade, 25th August 1972)

Sekulić never overcame pictorial problems rationally; on the contrary, he built everything spontaneously, instinctively. He formed his characteristic artistic expression on the basis of intuitive perceptions. With his strong imagination, rejecting classic aesthetic formulas and the traditional notion of beauty, Sekulić created an opus rooted deeply in contemporary art life.

Sekulić’ artistic production can be divided in several phases. In the beginning, he would paint mainly landscapes, towns and portraits in a realistic manner. Gradually, he would let himself follow his inspiration and develop a free individual style, drawing fantastic figures, often hybrids of animals and people who might have for instance human heads on the bodies of horses, or even stranger forms, where bodies grow out of other bodies.
Sekulić is an artist on the border between naive art and art brut. The majority of his works has been preserved in the museum of Charlotte Zander.