Zalin, Karin

Zalin, Karin; Untitled, n.d., textile, detail.

From around the year 2000, Karin Zalin started creating wall tapestries using scraps of wool, silk yarn and cloth on jute. They are Venetian vedutas; imaginary compilations of real, existing, historical buildings. Her work is associative, based on an initial design of only a few lines with which she arranges the individual components, next to and on top of each other. The bags full of textile remnants provide her exuberant pallet. Karin works like a painter, with long and short strokes, with spots, smudges and lines, but then made of fabric. Her tapestries are embellished with shiny beads and sequins.

Zalin, Karin; Untitled, n.d. (c. 2010) textile, mixed media, detail.