Glastra, Siebe Wiemer

The powerful king of the New Babylonian Empire Nebuchadnezzar II poses as chivalrously attired and bearded leader. With great earnestness he shows us his bloody sword, whereby his other open hand points to a holy book upon an a lectern. He stands with his huge, military laced shoes upon a colourful carpet in a tent. His powerful torso is turned sideways: the triumphant general.

The shining and intensely coloured layers of oil paint have been applied to the canvas with dynamic, stippling, sculpting and transient movements. Broaches, pearls and strings of rhinestones have been sewn onto the thick, creamy paint of his imposing crown. In striking contrast to the imperial main character, miniature scenes containing miniscule figures are visible in different positions within the image. They sometimes look like decorative scenes, as in this painting, perhaps as embroidery on the tent cloth or sculpted details of a piece of furniture, but they also often depict extra excerpts from the bible story, thereby supporting the main narrative, added in Glastra’s urge for completeness.

Two pictures made during restoration in 2011.