De Emmaüsgangers

Visser, Arie

Visser’s drawings are usually entirely created using the shading technique, mostly in parallel lines but also freely, in different colours alongside each other and sometimes mixed together. In doing so he creates a woven surface in which contours fade.

If it did not include three figures and a bird, this would be an abstract piece consisting of six irregular areas of colour. Together they form three interlocking V-shapes. The road to Emmaus was Visser’s favourite biblical topic.

Three men walk away from the viewer into the distance. Each figure consists of a stripe representing a long robe, a triangle of hair and clearly defined feet and arms. One carries a bag on a stick over his shoulder, another carries something in his hand. A red-brown bird flies ahead of them, showing them the way?From the mid fifties Arie Visser’s works on biblical themes evolved, painted to express his annoyance at the decline of religion. With imagination he succeeds in transposing the miraculous stories from the Old Testament into paintings and coloured drawings. His use of colours is striking and may be a reflection of his Middle East memories.