Boxing match

Neervoort, Leo

The match is reaching its climax. The winner stands expectantly, yet also a little confounded, watching to see if his opponent will stand up. The referee counts down with his index finger. On four sides sit blocks of tense spectators in rows, stretched as far as the paper allows. Each individual wears a coloured shirt. Each side of the boxing ring is depicted in its own stereotypical manner: a view from behind is an almost rectangular plane with a black dot for the head, the much larger figures viewed from the front display their white teeth, sometimes the whites of their eyes (!) and cigarettes hanging from their lips. Women show off their pearl necklaces. The profiles of the spectators on the right are incomparable to those of their counterparts on the left.

We are witness from above, so that the diamond-shaped boxing ring tips towards us. It is striking to experience how the arena changes shape with the position of the viewer, from a rectangle to an elongated diamond.