Figueiredo, Luiz

Background: orphaned in childhood.
Education: military academy, theater school, art academy, all unfinished.
Profession/occupation: teacher.
Art form/medium: painting and sculptor in papier-maché.
Start artwork: in adolescence.
Relevant info: Brazilian roots, has lived and worked in Europe.
(Solo-) exhibitions: 1999 Museum De Stadshof Zwolle; 2002 Museum Dr Guislain Gent; 2009 Galerie Van Waning Rotterdam.
Monograph: Allegaart, P., e.a.; Luiz Carlos Pereira De Figueiredo, Gent (Museum Dr. Guislain) 2009.

Luiz Carlos Pereira de Figueiredo
1944 Cuiabá, Brazil - 1998 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil