Bos, Dirk

Dirk Bos, portrait by Desiré Haine
Background: sun of a rich land owner
Technique: painting in oils on panel
Start artwork: in 1969, at the age of 79.
Relevant info: has been living in The Netherlands, Palestinia and Belgium; fervent adherent of Christianity
References: Van der Endt, Nico; Lexicon Nederlandse naïeve kunst van de twintigste eeuw / Lexicon of twentieth century Dutch naïve art, Venlo/Antwerpen, 1995, pp. 22-23.

Dirk Bos made a fortune as an exporter of eggs, went bankrupt as a result of currency difficulties in Argentina.  After his wife’s death in 1969, living in Belgium, he took up painting. A trip to Israel had made a deep impression. During the last seven years of his life he made approximately 150 oil paintings on board. Underlining their meaning as a testimony to his profound Christian faith he adds biblical texts to many of his paintings. Dirk Bos’ oeuvre has a startingly expressive nature. He managed to achieve dramatic effects with simple iconic images and lavish brush strokes. In a sense his work is similar to the biblical story of the Creation: out of the muddy earth grow colourful flowers and blossoming trees.

Dirk Bos
1890 Barneveld, The Netherlands - 1976 Leidschendam, The Netherlands