Michel Thevoz’ expo ‘Art Brut: Frame Work’

19.11.2020 Exhibitions

La Collection de l’Art Brut presenteert de tentoonstelling ‘Art Brut: Frame Work’, naar een idee en uitwerking door Michel Thevoz, voormalig directeur van het museum in Lausanne (1976 – 2001).

Citaat uit het persbericht: “The task of this exhibition is to foreground singular, disconcerting treatments of the frame: centripetal or centrifugal, protective or invasive, mediatory or discriminatory, uplifting or parodic, marginal or elemental. Working on the fringes of the official art field, practitioners of Art Brut are by definition not subject to our cultural conventions. They know no rules or norms and the works chosen for this exhibition are in particular marked by a problematic relationship with any kind of frame: in the literal sense of the wooden frame surrounding a composition, the framing defined by the shape of the support, and sometimes a frame drawn or painted by the artist; but figuratively as well, in the sense of the “framework” as the sum total of art’s representational conventions. In most cases the concept of an orthogonal boundary is shattered. Some artists resort to such unorthodox supports as salvaged materials, torn paper, bits of cardboard, paper handkerchiefs and cloth serviettes. To reject imposed frame(work)s is to resist acculturation; and this is what Art Brut is all about.”

see: www.artbrut.ch/exhibition/pathologie-du-cadre

Dit tentoonstellingsconcept is te mooi om te laten liggen en daarom wil ook Collectie De Stadshof laten zien wat een verscheidenheid aan lijsten en kaders er door kunstenaars aan hun werk is gegeven: collectiedestadshof.nl/art-brut-frame-work/