ZZZ and many more

Still around 100 artists and their artworks to go. Coming soon.

For example: Hendrik Brouwer, Philippus de Jonge.

Collection De Stadshof comprises some 7.000 works of art, including works by artists belonging to the international canon of Outsider Art, such as Willem van Genk, Siebe Wiemer Glastra, Nek Chand Saini, Nikifor, Madge Gill, Carlo Zinelli, Anna Zemánková, Pavel Leonov, Michel Nedjar and Theo.

As well as works by artists that De Stadshof discovered itself, with a little help of our friends, such as Bertus Jonkers, Truus Kardol, Roy Wenzel, Bonaria Manca, Reuben Lake, Markus Meurer, Herman Bossert, Aaltje Dammer, Paula Sluiter, Luiz Figueiredo, Saï Kijima, Johnson Weree, Karin Zalin and Adama Diakhaté.