Ziqubu, Sicelo

Sicelo Ziqubu is an artist working in the Municipal offices in Charlestown in rural KwaZuluNatal. He is inspired by crafts made by prisoners at the Waterval Prison where his father was a warder. Sicelo Ziqubu is largely self-taught although he did spend a year at the ML Sultan Technikon on a bridging course for graphic design in l993. Ziqubu turns what people disregard as waste material into works of art.

Ziqubu founded Sicelo’s Studio group, made up of four Ziqubu family members, namely Sicelo, his wife Thully and sons Sifundo and Charles. Art & Craft works produced by the family are mostly made from found materials such as waste, including discarded paper, cardboard, tin, plastic etc. Most is decorative and some is functional. Amongst these one may find lovely throne-like chairs/stools, tables, mirrors, dressing tables, lamp stands, shoes, boots, wall hangings, paintings and drawings with colourful homemade frames.

Sicelo Ziqubu
1974 Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa -