Zemánková, Anna

Background: family of tradesmen, father was hairdresser.
Education: dentistry from 1923-26.
Profession/occupation: dental technician until marriage in 1933; housewife.
Art form/medium: drawing, embroidery.
Start artwork: in 1960, after the children left home, encouraged by her son.
(Solo-) exhibitions: Fabric Art, in: INSITA 2010, Bratislava.
References:  THE DAWN DRAWINGS of Anna Zemankova, in: Raw Vision #14
Outsider Art Sourcebook, 2016, p.227 / 2009, p. 168; Carlano, Annie (ed.); Vernacular Visionaries. International Outsider Art, exhibition catalogue of the Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe, 2003-2004, pp. 112-129.

Anna Zemánková-Vesela
1908 Olomouc, Moravia - 1986 Prague, Czech Republic