Van Lankveld, Gerard

Monera Carkos Vlado, the empire of Gerard van Lankveld

Monera is a peculiar mixture of pre-modern and post-modern objects, demonstrating amazing technical skills and unbridled creativity. As a mission to himself Van Lankveld creates a world as pluriform as the world we live in, but in the same time of an enchanting beauty and original imagination. Buildings, monuments, vehicles, communication systems, technical instruments, clocks, money and calendar fight a mimic battle, a challenge to our world ruled by utility, performance pressure and consumerism. Every object is baptised in a language of its own, created out of many existing languages. Monera has a proper time rhythm and is subject to its own historiography. ‘Ex nihil omnia creata’: ‘From Nothing Came Everything’.
In his creative work Gerard van Lankveld has sublimated his broken relation with the fellow village people into an idealistic and physical domain.

References: Thelen, Ton (ed.); Monera Carkos Vlado. Gerard van Lankveld, Gemert – Ghent 2005.

Gerard van Lankveld
1947 Gemert, The Netherlands -