Kardol, Truus

Background: daughter of an architect.
Education: a short period at the Hague Academy of Fine Arts.
Profession/occupation: fabric designer for a weaving studio.
Art form/medium: drawings and embroidery.
Start artwork: at secondary school.
Relevant info: from 1953 periods of nervous breakdown; admitted to mental hospital.
(Solo-) exhibitions: 2010 Haarlem, Outsider Kunst Dagen; 1995 Ateliers van de ziel. Plokker-collection.
References: Benjaminse-Reith, Liesbeth; Ateliers van de ziel, Zwolle (Museum De Stadshof) 1996.

Truus Kardol was born as the daughter of an architect. She was a sensitive, artistic and intelligent child who lived in a world of her own. In 1953 she suddenly fell victim to a nervous breakdown and was admitted to a mental hospital. She recovered and took a job as a fabric designer for a weaving studio. In 1955 she became a student at the Hague Academy of Fine Arts where she excelled in drawing from the model. She suffered several nervous collapses, however, and by 1962 she was admitted indefinitely to a psychiatric hospital. The diagnosis was schizophrenia.

Truus Kardol
1934 Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 1994 Leidschendam, The Netherlands