Sluiter, Paula

Like so many other artists in De Stadshof Collection, nurse and teacher Paula Sluiter also found her vocation later in life. She was no longer able to work in nursing or teaching due to back problems, after which she learned the art of painting and etching at the open academy. Sluiter mostly printed simple images, which she subsequently embellished with coloured pencils in order to transform them into colourful, imaginative scenes. Giant, colourful birds or hybrid figures with human bodies and animal tails. Or a cat with human eyes and mouth that seems to be constructed from some twenty human heads and just as many animals in soft watercolours. Paula Sluiter’s work was consistently described in newspaper reviews as a dream world or fairy-tale world.

Paula Sluiter
1903 The Hague, The Netherlands - 1993 The Hague, The Netherlands