Sendrey, Gérard

Sendrey was a civil servant in Bègles, near Bordeaux in his native France until his retirement in 1988. However, for a decade, starting in 1967, he also painted intensively and spontaneously, before turning to drawing as his main medium. Throughout this first period of creative outpouring he worked without consideration of audiences or artistic context. Then, in 1979 his work was exhibited in the Galerie du Fleuve and a year later a number of drawings were acquired for the annexe collection (Neuve Invention) of the Collection de Art Brut in Lausanne.
In 1989 he founded the Site de la Création Franche, which emphasises the work of French self-taught artists and those marginal creators sometimes referred to as artistes singuliers.

Gérard Sendrey
1928 Bordeaux, France - 2022 Bègles, France