Schöpke, Philipp

Education: elementary school.
Profession/occupation: construction hand; in 1941 in military service his psychological problems became apparent.
Art form/medium: pencil drawing.
Start artwork: in the 1960s.
Relevant info: diagnosed as a manic-depressive; his hands constantly shaking.
(Solo-) exhibitions:
References: Publications de la Collection de l’Art Brut, fascicule 12, Gugging, Lausanne, 1983. / Navratil, Leo; Gugging 1946-1986, Brandstätter, Vienna, 1997.

Philipp Schöpke has trouble getting through elementary school. As an adult, soon he is considered an idiot. He joins the German army, but the psychological tests reveal that he is incapable of remaining in the service. He is diagnosed as a manic-depressive. At the beginning of his hospitalization, he acts very self-assured and talks about replacing the Chancellor of the Reich; in his depressive phases, he just wants to die and spends weeks in bed, silent. In 1956, he is permanently institutionalized. From 1981 he has been living in the Haus der Künstler, Gugging.

Philipp Schöpke
1921 Erlach, Austria - 1998 Gugging, Austria