Meurer, Markus

Background: grew up at the foot of Monreal castle ruin, where his father supervised the area.
Education: father Fritz, a self-taught artist-craftsman.
Profession/occupation: numerous jobs.
Art form/medium: assemblages, painting, collages, writing.
Start artwork: from childhood.
Relevant info: “manure doesn’t exist, everything is material”.
(Solo-) exhibitions: 2009 Outsiderart House Veenhuizen. / Backyard Genius, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke 2009.
References: Smolders, Frans; Drek bestaat niet. Alles is materie voor Markus Meurer, in: Out of Art, jg. 5, no 1, 2010.

Markus Meurer grew up in the sixties in a small Eifel valley, at the foot of Monreal castle. The family dwelling was surrounded by wood carving and sculpted stone blocks by his father Fritz, a self-taught artist-craftsman, working in a naive naturalistic style. Markus Meurer inherited his father’s animistic talents to see living creatures in every object. Father has been building hundreds of bike models out of pieces of metal, leather and rubber and passed on this passion to his son. As a teenager Markus already outreached his father’s imagination and artistry. He is a magician who turns any kind of waste material to raw art objects. In his home he is surrounded by mysterious guards, hybrid technical vessels, crawling insects.

Meurer’s ‘Mama’ in the Halle Saint Pierre show, 2014. Mama (Roboter), ca.1980/2005, 199x85x78 cm.

Meurer’s ‘Mama’ in the Halle Saint Pierre show, 2014

Markus Meurer
1959 Monreal, Germany -