Lake, Reuben

Reuben Lake was a self-taught artist. His African roots are unmistakable. Undeterred by any artistic tradition he gave shape to his message and mission: black people and black culture suffered grievous wrongs at the hand of whites in history.

Reuben Lake has been working as a mecanic for Shell Curaçao. In 2001-2002, during his stay in the Netherlands he completed his project: “From Africa to Curaçao for new hope”, some 60 paintings, sculptures, and assemblages. He donated it to our foundation. Also in Europe he propagated his message to the world: “Read the Bible, realise what grievous wrongs black people had to suffer. Let us black people devote ourselves to regain black culture.” According to Lake black people in Africa had wonderful cultural traditions, to be proud of. “Watch the artistic hair styles, the beautiful jewellery, colourful dress! Let us blacks strive for development, self-consciousness and economic power.”

Reuben Lake
1943 Aruba, The Netherlands Antilles - 2015 The Netherlands