Kranendonk, Jaco

During his school years, Jaco Kranendonk, a silent and sickly guy, began to travel around his home town Rotterdam. Later, during his work, he enjoyed nothing more than catching the train, metro or bus. Ships also held a fascination for him. Since 1991, Kranendonk has sketched and painted his passion for public transport in Atelier Herenplaats, creating an impressive oeuvre characterised by his uniquely colourful signature style in which he uses thick daubs of paint to portray the flows of cars, buses, trams and metro trains that converge on and beneath the city’s streets. He also paints ships with the same masterful direction. The metropolis of Rotterdam is stored in his memory.

References: Out of Art, may 2009, pp.38-41.

Jaco Kranendonk
1951 Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 2020 Rotterdam, The Netherlands