Kijima, Saï

Saï Kijima has been living in Europe for 30 years. His present residence is Basel, Switzerland. He devotes his life to Kalado, a unique system founded by himself. Kalado teaching connects art, bodywork, environmental awareness and the philosophy of empty mind. Saï is not related to any religious or cultural system. Crossing the boundaries between us and within us, is his message.

He earns his living with Kalado related teaching and martial arts performance, based on demonstrating existing presence, on maximum openness and natural movement. Often he involves his ‘dolls’ in his performances.

The dolls – three-dimensional or reliefs – are made of found waste materials like cartons, furniture parts, his own cast off socks and shirts and of driftwood. He likes talking, dancing and singing with his dolls. They bear names and show personality.

Saï Kijima
Fukuoka, Japan -