Wladyslawa, Iwanska

Iwanska Wladyslawa (1927-2005) is one of the most outstanding Polish artists of ‘intuitive’ painting, though her works are not widely known because she lived in seclusion. Iwanska’s artistic output consists of series of works ranging from a few to over two hundred. Each series is a painted story in itself; with it’s own specific sequence, filled with content as pages of a book. They reflect the artist’s experience, states of mind, thoughts and moods connected with the cycles of nature, religious themes, her own dreams and longings for “secluded pretty places, away from people…”. “I am an orphan of the globe, behind the wall of the world. For me people have become stone statues which decorate towns and cities. Only trees, flowers and heaven have remained alive.”

Reference: Catalogue: Insita 2010, The Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, p.66

Iwanska Wladyslawa
1927 Novy Sacz, Poland - 2005 Novy Sacz, Poland