Hutting, Lies

Lies Hutting has never been able to express herself in words. She has always remained at the intellectual level of a three or four-year-old, and in the visually associative phase that goes with this age. Since the age of eighteen she has visited a day-care centre – with art workshop – where her talent for drawing was initially discovered. In a week-long program, talented individuals are offered various techniques and methods with which they go to work, always around a specific theme. Instructions and themes however have never suited Lies.
Until 2012 Lies worked in a workshop: Atelier Matisse.
References:; Stichting De Driestroom, Het boek van jou en mij. Verhalen en werken uit Matisse, atelier voor outsiderkunstenaars, Houten, 2003, p.33-35.

Lies Hutting
1963 Nijmegen, The Netherlands -