Houtman, Sipke

Sipke Houtman, Self-portrait

Frisian born Sipke Houtman already as a boy wanted te become a painter. His parents opposed and he went to study to be an elementary school teacher. He could not stick it out and became a pastry cook. At an early age his ‘meetings with Jesus’ began. His greatest happiness was God revealing himself every day. At sixty he retired and went to live in an old men’s home in Amsterdam. His own livingroom, still lives and particularly Amsterdam townscapes are his favorite subjects. He was encouraged by the art dealer  Carel van Lier, who bought him paint and canvasses. He himself was highly amazed about his talent and he allegedly said: ‘I can’t do anything myself, my brush is entered into my prayer and then God allows me to wield the brush.’

Sipke Cornelis Houtman
1871 Dokkum, The Netherlands - 1945 Amsterdam, The Netherlands