Grunenwaldt, Martha

Background: from a family of musicians.
Education: not much.
Profession/occupation: farm hand.
Art form/medium: painting and music.
Start artwork: at the age of 71.
(Solo-) exhibitions: Begles, Site de la Creation Franche, 1993; Mouscroun, 1993.
References: Outsider Art Source Book, (Raw Vision) 2016, p.113 / 2009, p.85.

Martha Grunenwaldt was born in the Walloon part of Belgium to a family of musicians. As a child she often travelled with her father through the region playing folk violin, to help feed the family. She got married young and had a daughter. Soon already they get divorced and a very unhappy industrious life is to follow. She has to work long hours at a farm. It was not until the age of 71 that Grunenwaldt picked up the crayons and pencils of her grandchildren and started to draw fruitfully. The back of used card or her daughter’s political posters are sufficient for her colourful drawings. Certain of the drawings have architectonic settings.

Martha Grunenwaldt
1910 Mouscroun, Belgium - 2008 Belgium