Fuldauer, Maurice

Maurice Fuldauer grew up in a Jewish family of merchants. He was an antique dealer and later a furrier. However, he lost all his money following a bad investment. Shortly before the Second World War he and his son fled to Brazil to escape Nazism. He settled down in the state of Parana. There he worked for a large Dutch colony of farmers for a while and he became an artist. In 1947 he returned to Amsterdam. It wasn’t until he was in his seventies that Fuldauer started building his oeuvre. He used mainly natural materials, such as seeds, leaves, crocodile skin and fruit, which he collected during walking tours. He used them in collages and added paintings. The results were mysterious landscapes with fanciful vegetation. He even decorated the frames with paint and organic objects.

Maurice Fuldauer
1871 The Netherlands - 1960 Laren, The Netherlands