Dave, Michel

Michel Dave seems to be working as a conceptual artist. He picks up a verb or a noun, and calls up images: ‘I am looking at …’ or ‘the club of …’, and than specifies his statement or forth called image in an endless variation. By means of his dictionary. He completely fills the sheets from left to right with columns of statements, each one wrapped in a text balloon. Not always he is able to keep the columns upright. He draws or writes with felt-tip pens, mostly in the same colours: light blue, dark blue and green. With adjacent colours he gives structure to the sentences. He bestows his statements and combinations of words with a kind of profundity, but it may be just a word play to him?

From 1990 onwards Michel Dave takes part of atelier La Pommeraie, in Ellignies-Sainte Anne.

Michel Dave
1941 Ghoy, Belgium -