Bosker, Okko

Okko Bosker illuminating a stone fragment in his antiquities’ room.

Bosker had a good head for business: he anticipated the construction plans of three large dams (a.o. the IJsselmeer Dam) to connect Wieringen isle to the shores, in 1932. He went into commerce of stones and basalt blocks. The same time he started a construction company for roads and bridges.
For recreation ends he had an extra room build to his house to keep his collection of antiquities. He spend there almost all his spare hours. He didn’t need much sleep. At night het sat at the fireplace to read scientific books on history, nature and technique. Around 1930 he wrote an article on a Viking settlement on his isle Wieringen. His theory was rejected for many years, but approved in 1996 when a Viking treasure was discovered at Wieringen.
Credit: personal info from Henk de Graaf, grandson of Okko Bosker.

Okko Bosker
1877 Wieringen, The Netherlands - 1942 Hippolytushoef, The Netherlands