Bar-Adon, Raya

Raya Bar-Adon was born in an Orthodox Jewish kibbutz, where social ideas took precedence over emotional attachments, personal freedom and room for personal expression. She broke away from her environment in order to follow her artistic calling and became an art therapist, working with children and adults with difficulties. Since 2010 Bar-Adon has been documenting her painful life experiences in the form of autobiographical series that are titled: The Story of my Life, The Orphanage, Cancer, and Physical Decay. Intense childhood memories, the trauma of war and the fear of death give an urgency to her visual works, in which scars can almost literally be seen and felt. Thanks to Bar-Adon’s artistic training and experience as an art therapist, she has mastered many techniques and feels quite comfortable working with a variety of materials. She combines various techniques, albeit in a different way for each series, to create works of art that are both literally and figuratively layered, including drawings and paintings which feature (photographic) collage, assembly, embroidery and modelling.

Raya Bar-Adon
1939 Kibbutz Javne, Israel -