Azéma, Philippe

Azéma, born in 1956 in Cauderan, a suburb of Bordeaux. displayed interest in drawing from a young age and after secondary school attended the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. It was a disappointment and he subsequently turned his back on the school and the world of art. Surrendering his freedom for a life in an office or in a factory did not appeal to him at all, so he earned a living with all kinds of jobs, mainly in agriculture. In his free time he continued to draw and paint, obsessively as he put it. He never let his work out of his sight and avoided all contact with the art world. Only around 1990 did he exhibit his work for the first time, encouraged by his wife and sister. It was also at this time that his current working methods took shape.

Philippe Azéma
1956 Cauderan, France -