Ackroyd, Graham

Graham Ackroyd was a poet and artist who resided in the United Kingdom. His works include Love feast: poems (1993), Poems (1994), and Everything passes: poem (1996).

Graham Ackroyd; Self-Portrait

Biography in Ackroyd’s own words: “There is not very much to tell. When I came out of the Royal Air Force in 1945 (from 1939) I went straight to Paris. There I met Jean Dubuffet and, later, Asger Jorn and other painters. It was a great shock to see the works of these artists. I did not know you could paint like that! Jean who liked my work when I started to paint, always encouraged me and we corresponded untill he died. (…) I was self-taught ‘and it shows!’ one English dealer told me.” “So, I am self-taught. No talent at all when I started but I was determined to become a painter.” From Ackroyd’s personal letters to Museum De Stadshof, 1999.

Ackroyd, Graham; Self-Portrait, 1993, mixed media on paper, 23,6x21cm. (inv. SH18267 OS10020912)

Graham Ackroyd
1920 United Kingdom -