#MeetTheCollectors: De Stadshof Collection, the Netherlands

29.04.2020 News

JENNIFER LAUREN GALLERY presents: #MeetTheCollectors: De Stadshof Collection, the Netherlands “For part twenty-five of my #MeetTheCollector series meet Liesbeth Reith and Frans Smolders, who today both work on the De Stadshof Collection. I met Frans many years ago at the Outsider Art Fair in Paris and I have visited the part of their collection that […]

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Roger Cardinal 1940–2019

31.01.2020 News

Roger Cardinal 1940-2019 R.I.P.

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Two monumental art works by Willem van Genk highlighted in: ‘WOEST – Willem van Genk (1927-2005)’.

05.10.2019 Exhibitions News

Two monumental art works by Willem van Genk out of the De Stadshof Collection are on show in the exhibit: ‘WOEST – Willem van Genk (1927-2005)’. From September 19 upto March 15 2020 in the Outsider Art Museum in Amsterdam.

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Solitary Creations. 51 Artists out of De Stadshof Collection

07.03.2019 News Publications

SOLITARY CREATIONS. 51 Artists out of De Stadshof Collection. ISBN 9789462260474

Idea Code 14435

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Sensations. In-between passion and pain

02.11.2018 Exhibitions News

Everything that surrounds us tingles and shimmers. Digital screens light up. Neurons crackle under the cranium. Our senses are overwhelmed. Some people eagerly jump into this abundance of stimuli, others go under or try to find comfort in a low stimulus environment. Do we become restless or languid, do we suffer from digibesity or burnout? […]

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Scholze drawings legacy

10.10.2018 News
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Danser Brut, in LaM Villeneuve d’Ascq

02.10.2018 Exhibitions News

28-09-2018 t/m 06-01-2019 Danser Brut in het LaM, Villeneuve d’Ascq met werken van Hein Dingemans, Luiz Figueiredo, en Oswald Tschirtner. Samenstellers Savine Faupin en Christophe Boulanger, beiden verbonden aan het LaM, introduceren de expositie als volgt: “Danser brut pose un regard inédit et transversal sur la danse à partir de l’art brut, mais aussi de l’art […]

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Röhlke’s erotic drawings donated to Collection De Stadshof

10.09.2018 News


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