Lortet, Marie-Rose

Marie-Rose Lortet; photo: Pierre Bérenger.

Education: knitting, according to family tradition.

Profession/occupation: textile artist

Art form/medium: knitting and fabric sculptures of wool and solidified thread lace.

Start artwork: began knitting at early age.

Relevant info: 1969 encouraged by Dubuffet; inclusion in Art Brut Collection,  as Neuve Invention.

(Solo-) exhibitions: Les Singuliers de l’art, Paris, 1978; Woollen territories, architectures of thread 1967-2000, retrospective at the Jean Lurçat Museum of Contemporary Textiles, Angers, France, 2000-2001.

References: Linda Goddard; Architectures in Thread, in: Raw Vision # 40, 2002, pp. 48-54;

Outsider Art Sourcebook, (Raw Vision) 2016, p.147.
Catalogue INSITA 2010, p.156.

Marie-Rose Lortet
1945 Strasbourg, France -