• Gordon, Ted; Untitled, 1998, mixed media on paper, 13,2x10,8 cm, SH10854
  • worked photo for etching plate, mixed media
  • Pomp, Jeroen; Jungle, n.d. coloured pencil, 70x100 cm
  • Lortet, Marie-Rose; Lortet, Marie-Rose; Toujours une petite armoire dans la tête, 1983, textile, SH3029, textile, SH3029, photo: Marcel Köppen
  • Sluiter, Paula; Untitled, 1969, coloured etching, 31,5x36,5 cm
  • SH10774.tif
  • Hipkiss, Chris; My Video My Fall, detail
  • Weree, Johnson; Truck, 2011, mixed media on paper, 35x50 cm

The Dutch De Stadshof Collection is collector and keeper of outsider art, self-taught art, art brut, folk art and naive art.
Since 2002 it is on show at the Museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent, Belgium.
Outsider Art is the name given to works of art that are created outside the realms of mainstream art. It encompasses a wide range of creative expression, from naive art to art brut. This category of art bespeaks of the dreams, fears and fascinations of extraordinary people, and of the irrepressible creative urge of the homo ludens, the ever playing/playful human being.


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