Van Genk, Willem

Willem van Genk

Background: youngest and only boy in large family.
Education: art classes in The Hague.
Profession/occupation: none
Art form/medium: drawing, painting, collage.
Start artwork: drawing from childhood.
Relevant info: WWII suffering from violence; medication for autism and schizophrenia. Obsession about metropolitan cities and transport systems; he is extremely sensitive.
(Solo-) exhibitions: 1998-99 Museum De Stadshof Zwolle, Museum Charlotte Zander Bonnigheim, Collection de l’Art Brut Lausanne.
Monograph: Berkum, Ans van; Willem van Genk, a marked man and his world, Zwolle 1998.  Berkum, Ans van, e.a.; Willem van Genk building a world of his own, Tielt, 2010.
References: Van der Endt, Nico; Lexicon Nederlandse naïeve kunst van de twintigste eeuw / Lexicon of twentieth century Dutch naïve art, Venlo/Antwerpen, 1995, pp. 40-41;
Outsider Art Sourcebook, 2009, p.154; Förster, York & Peter Cachola Schmal; Heterotopia, Works by Willem van Genk and others, exhibition catalogue Deutsches Architektur Museum, Frankfurt, 2008, pp. 68-87.

Willem van Genk
1927 Den Haag, The Netherlands - 2005 Den Haag, The Netherlands